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Personal Training


Free Personal Training Session

It's important to find a trainer you gel with and one that also understands your goals. That's why I always start with a free consultation and personal training session. Here's what to expect: 


  • A 30-minute consultation centred around you and your goals.

  • A movement assessment and mini-workout to give you a glimpse of how I'd structure your training around your goals and lifestyle.


I strive to provide as much value in this session as possible whether or not you decide to move forward with my services. My favourite thing to hear someone say after this session is that they learned a lot! 

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Training With Me

After you sign up as an in-person training client, you can expect everything inside and outside of your training sessions to be tailored to your goals and lifestyle. This includes: 


  • One-on-one training sessions where the entire focus is YOU. 

  • A training program that is modified on a weekly basis (even if we part ways, the program is YOURS to keep and refer to).

  • An in-depth nutrition guide with unlimited support from me via WhatsApp messaging


Click "Contact Me" below to secure your free consultation and training session! 

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