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Available Services

Helping you attain success in your fitness endeavours without sacrificing success out of the gym is my top priority 

Here are some of the training goals that I've helped my clients achieve:

Fat Loss and Body Recomposition

When clients approach me with a fat-loss goal, I always aim to meet them where they're at by making sustainable changes that they can immediately begin accommodating into their lifestyle.  

Strength and Muscle Gain 

Since my main mission as a coach is to advance your health and fitness knowledge, we'll start with the fundamentals. I'll help you build strength with basic movements such as squats, deadlifts, pressing, and pulling movements.  

Behaviour and Lifestyle Change

I want you to continue to be successful long after we part ways. Over the course of our coach - client relationship, I'll provide you with the tools to help turn the gym and mindful eating into a habit that will stick. 

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Online Coaching Services


Work towards your best self from a distance with a training program and nutritional recommendations that are tailored to your goals and lifestyle. This is a more flexible and affordable option that you can put to practice at a gym of your choice along with weekly check-ins with me to keep you accountable.

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Personal Training Services


I train exclusively out of Evolve Strength south and downtown as these locations provide not only a judgement free area that is distraction free but also houses all the equipment you need and nothing you don't. 

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I see nutrition as an essential part of the process in anyone's fitness journey, no matter the goal. That is why nutritional guidance and support are included in all of my services at no extra cost.

Ready to Realize Your Potential?

The first step to furthering your fitness journey is coming up with a plan. Fill out the contact form and let's start formulating the steps to help you reach your goals!    

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