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About Ismaeel
Owner of Catalyst Coaching

Hi! I'm Ismaeel (but you can call me Ish).


I'm a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA) based out of Evolve Strength's south and downtown locations. The first time I set foot in a gym was 8 years ago. Facing conflicting information from online sources and lacking proper guidance, the first three years of my fitness journey were spent learning through various big names in the industry and trial-and-error. 


As my ambitions outside of the gym grew, I was forced to learn how to continue pursuing my love for the gym while managing my commitments as a full time student, working at a student's union, and managing clients during my early stages as a trainer. 


My mission: It can be a daunting challenge to commit to an exercise routine or weight loss goal amidst a lifestyle where you're constantly on the go, especially when there is a plethora of misinformation online. This is why I created Catalyst Coaching. Because we all have the potential to make leaps and bounds in our health & fitness, even if we have lofty goals in other areas of our life... We just need the tools to get there. As a result, my goal as a coach is to provide you with the education to be autonomous in your fitness journey. I want you to understand the motives that underlie your training. The why's and the how's. So you can continue to move towards your goals without my guidance and become more critically thinking, stronger men/women.

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